Bitcoin Coin

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We want to personally congratulate you! If you found this Physical Bitcoin Coin interesting, that means you might be holding your own personal wealth in BTC? We bet you do!

The Digital Bitcoin continues to increase its value. While this physical Bitcoin Coin is just for show, one should definitely invest in BTC now more than ever. Since last month, September 2017, its value has increased with 50% !

This is the Bitcoin Price Chart (Updated 16 October 2017)


FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Bitcoin has increased its value by 732% in less than 1 year. (Updated 16 October, 2017) If you had just 1000 dollars worth of Bitcoin back in November, you would be sitting with 7320 dollars today. Now imagine if you had bought Bitcoins worth of 100 million dollars like Bill Gates have. 

Physical Bitcoin Coin Features

  • Material: Gold/Silver Plated Metal
  • Bitcoin design, two sides
  • Diameter: 38mm
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Coin type: Non-currency coin
  • Non-currency coin: Bitcoin Coin (Physical Coin)
  • Style: Modern, collectible, business, gift, decoration, souvenir

Package includes: 1 x Physical Bitcoin Coin

So here's the irony. We do actually not accept Bitcoin as a payment, yet. However, why would you even think about trading your Bitcoins away?! Keep them close guys, you never know how much you'll have in just 1-3 years from now.