Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler

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Having a home makeover, renovation or even moving to a new place is always fun but do you have the necessary equipment to measure so that your new furniture can fit in nicely? You definitely do not want to overlook the minor details & end up regretting from not planning properly before moving. A measuring tape may be handy at times but nothing can beat the Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler when you need to get the accurate precise measurements on complex shapes and angles, especially in tight corners around your room. An excellent tool for all professionals & home-use DIY projects as well!

Best used for repetitive measurements, this is the perfect template tool to get professional layouts!   

The measuring ruler is made of ABS plastic that is durable, tough and compact. It’s easily foldable for easy storage to be carried around for any one-handed operation projects. With 4 sides in total, each end can slide and lock into your desired angle to be used as reusable stencil for repetitive measuring work. Say no more to creating new template on each new job to purposely remeasure the same thing. This ruler is great to be used for brick, stone, tile, lumber or basically anything that comes in great quantities that comes in exact sizes. With numeric print in both imperial & metric system, everyone will have no issues in reading the measurements on the ruler too!

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