Bamboo Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste - All Natural


Now its your turn to have a Natural White Smile!
The ancient Japanese formula is the authentic, and all natural version, and of very high quality, compared to other bamboo charcoal toothpastes.
This toothpaste does not make your teeth black (before white) like the powder does. It is a very efficient whitener!
Works perfectly with our Professional Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush  << Click Link
(We recommend you use the toothbrush with this, but it is not a must) 
  • Not Sold In Stores! 

Main ingredients in the Toothpaste: 
Activated Bamboo charcoal (C active ions), Holly Plant AB element, 12 different  plant glycosides, pearl calcium powder, and others.
It is an all-purpose, high energy black paste toothpaste. ​

PLEASE NOTE: The toothpaste does not turn your teeth black like the powder does.

Has five characteristics: 

  1. Doesnt damage the enamel of the teeth, while effectively cleaning them.
  2. Efficient removel of stains -- The bamboo charcoal C active ion and active agents, powerfully absorbs and get rid of all smoke- and tea stains, and leaves you with stronger and healthier teeths.
  3. Holly plant glycosides can remove harmful bacteria in the oral cavity, reduce the growth of harmful bacterias, and prevent caries. 
  4. Solid teeth - Protection of Gum -- twelve kinds of plant extracts, release negative oxygen ions and with infrared ray (Purchase on can help to improve the ecological environment of the oral cavity, and create an overall healthier and fresh oral hygiene. 
  5. Simply Fresh Breath. Remove foul odor of the gums.

Package Including: 
1 pcs Bamboo Charcoal toothpaste