Tactical Headset. Electronic Ear Protection 1. Microphone Ver.

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9x Hearing Enhancement with good quality.

--Power - 50 dB.

--4 wind resistant, high frequency, stereo  

  --microphones for precise sound directionality.

--Adjustable Frequency Tuning - AFT.

--2 independent volume control knob.

--Sound activated compression - SAC.

--Ultra-light weight 330g

--Classical designed headband.

--Leather ear cushion.

--Iron gauze cover for microphones.

--Operate on 2 "AAA" batteries.(Not included)

--Noise reducing rating - NRR 23 dB.



1. Hearing Enhancement with good quality. High sensitivity can capture and amplify the slight sounds(from animals) , and you can response quickly.
2. Adjustable Frequency Tuning – AFT, users can adjust the sensitivity by turning the gear on the cup.
3. Sound Activated Compression – SAC, reduces loud sounds, like muzzle blasts, to safe levels. It always protect you while shooting and hunting outdoor.
4.  Great for range masters and NRA shooting instructors.
5. Ultra-light weight
6. Special designed headband and ultimate acoustic seal ear cushion. let you feel comfortable when wearing for long time.
7. Four independent volume controls allow for true stereo sound while wind-resistant high frequency microphones make it easy to identify sound and dirextion

Model Number: PTE-E8210X-02
Brand Name: Protear
Color: as picture