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This Heart Lily certainly spread warmth and joy! Specially with its ornamental values you won't regret having these around the house.

Growing a Lily from Seeds

- Prepare some soilless seedling mix (sharp sand is the easiest for this purpose). There are, however, different growing medium like sawdust, pumice, sphagnum moss and the likes

- Transfer this mix into the container that you intend to use for the cultivation, add some water to moisten it up, then plant the seeds and sprinkle mix on the top.

- Cover with plastic cover and keep at 680F (200C)

- Sprouting Time is around 5-7 days with an average germination temperature of 18-250C (590 to 650F). A soil PH of 7 (neutral) will work magic.

- Although Blue Heart Lily thrives in many climatic environments, it, however, does exceptionally well in sub-tropical climates, requiring medium watering. It is best planted in summer seasons

Trimming and Pruning

- Primary and secondary care can be described as stress-free. You may particularly want to give due attention to the removal of old flowers, to keep the plant healthy and reduce the formation of poor quality or unhealthy seeds.

- Like many flowers, the stem should only be cut off at the base of the plant, where it emerges from the foliage. Care should be taken to ensure that trimming does not go below the flower stem, and only sharp shears should be used

- Always remember to prune out any wilted or discolored leaves after ridding the plant of the spent flower stem. Cutting should be made where the flowers emerge from the main plant.

- Also, be sure to properly dispose off composting or spent flower stems and foliage. Doing otherwise could attract unwanted insect pests and may cause a disease to the healthy plant.