Solar-Powered Sonic Pest Repeller

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This is next repellent technology that will keep an eye on your yard from those annoying pests every single day without failing. Works best in outdoor, our repellent is equipped with solar battery cell to keep running every day & night without the need of traditional power cord. This is economically cheaper and made with weatherproof material to survive even the harshest heather conditions all year long. This product is also tested to not produce any kind of side effects on humans or your pet canine or feline alike!

The safest and most humane repellent EVER made!

Our product works by planting the stilt deep and firmly into the ground. The repellent will then create ultrasonic wave pulse around it every minute, scaring and irritate any pest around your place even if they are burrowed deep beneath you. Pests will detect these pulse/vibration as a danger sign (just like how oarfish is able to detect earthquake), thus relocating away from your area permanently. This removes the need to use poison or chemical which could be dangerous to us if not handled correctly. The recommended effective range for the repeller to be effective is within 20-40 meter.

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