Sterling Silver Feather Open Ring

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Feathers represent protection, truth, love, new beginnings and rebirth. When a feather actually falls at your feet, it is traditionally seen as a positive omen that your calls have been heard and answered! Finding feathers is a true blessing and a sign of love, no matter what color you may come across.

In many other cultures, feathers also represent:

- Courage
- Strength
- Prosperity
- Protection

This Sterling Silver Feather Open Ring is a constant reminder that you are on the path of ascension, light, and truth.

It is an open style ring which will allow you to adjust it to a more appropriate size. The ring is tinted with black tones to bring out each detail of this beautiful piece. Especially the strand of each feather making it more life-like and stunning wrapped around your finger. A beautiful piece to fit your style, this stylish ring is perfect for any outfit whether you dress down or dress up, it's the perfect accessory that just completes your look.


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Product Details

- Onesize: Adjustable
- Surface width: 6mm
- Material: 100% 925 Sterling Silver
- Shape/pattern: Feather