Water-saving Faucet Shower Filter Tap Water Valve

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Water-saving Faucet Shower Filter Tap Water Valve Splash Three Types Of Output Water Shower Head Splash Nozzle Faucet Tool  

  • Large water area, you can clean dishes and fruits more quickly.
  • Water saving design, the device can change the water flow shape, 
  • after it the water flow will be more gentle and like the gentle water spout from the shower head, 
  • so to avoid the water rapid flow, less water spray out to the countertop.
  • It can self-cleaning and easy to attach.

It is soft comfort jet, no water splashing.

Extremely durable and low maintenance.

Reduces energy costs and water usage by more than 50%.

Three types of output water, can according to your needs to adjust tap regulator



Color: White & grey

Material: ABS + Silicone + Stainless steel

Bottom diameter: 5.3cm

Upper diameter: 2.2cm

Height: 8.5m


Package Included:

1 x Tap Splash Regulator