Woman Calavera Art

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This empowering piece of this art lifts up any room in your home! Do you want to get creative and give your home a beautiful touch?


  • Medium: 2 pcs of 20x30cm, 2 pcs of 20x40cm & 1 pc of 20x50cm 
    US Sizes: 2 pcs of 8x12in panels, 2 pcs of 8x16in panels & 1 pc of 8x20in

  • Large: 2 pcs of 30x40cm, 2 pcs of 30x60cm & 1 pc of 30x80cm
    US Sizes: 2 pcs of 12x16in panels, 2 pcs of 12x24in panels & 1 pc of 12x32in

  • X-Large: 2 pcs of 40x60cm, 2 pcs of 40x80cm & 1 pc of 40x100cm
    US Sizes: 2 pcs of 16x24in panels, 2 pcs of 16x32in panels & 1 pc of 16x40in

      Framing Options:

      • Not Framed: Only the canvas prints. Simply ready to frame. 
      • Framed: Stretched by professionals over your frame.