May Release Roborock S6 Robot - Wet drag Mop & Sweep Smart Planned with water tank home


May Release Price 649.00

Roborock S6 vacuum cleaner robot

  • up to 4 dB quieter than the RoboRock S5 can distinguish rooms and clean them according to schedule or with one click in the app at a time
  • adjustable volume of water in the water tank
  • exchangeable wiping pads
  • 230% higher bristle density than the RoboRock S5 - for even more thorough cleaning
  • Cable guide below the charging station

2in 1 - vacuum cleaner and mop in one

Thanks to the built-in bionic tank, the RoboRock can absorb water and ensure effective cleaning. The main bristle brush with V-bristles (1350 revolutions per minute) and the Z-shaped side brushes (330 rev / min) ensure maximum effective cleaning. For thorough cleaning results, the Roborock Sweep One is equipped with a special water tank. The water from the tank moistens the microfiber material of the pug. In this mode, the device can work for about 40-50 minutes. The intelligent system works on the principle of the bionic main plant and regulates the water supply independently.

Mi Home App (Android / iOS)

The device has a dedicated laser distance system that enables scanning of the environment (360 degree viewing angle) and interior imaging using the SLAM algorithm. Thanks to this, effective and accurate cleaning is possible. Roborock Sweep One can be synced to a smartphone or tablet using the free Mi Home app (for Android or iOS). This allows the user to see the map of his home or home and touch the device to navigate through the premises, set the cleaning time, or change the name of the robot.

Sensors that guarantee high efficiency

To ensure effective surface cleaning and prevent collisions, the device has 13 built-in sensors, including LDS. An improved sensor system and a soft cover on the housing protect against collisions with existing furniture or other objects. 4 Cliff sensors help to avoid breakdowns, and an additional wall sensor keeps the RoboRock always at a distance of 10 mm from the wall. When the unit is raised, a special sensor is activated, which automatically shuts off the unit. The reversing sensor ensures efficient charging of the vacuum cleaner with infrared technology. In the latest version of the device, it can overcome obstacles up to 2 cm in height to clean carpets or overcome thresholds between rooms.

Improved charging station

180-degree infrared range with a speed of about 4 meters, more accurate locking of the charging socket and protection against overvoltage or short circuit guarantee high safety and even longer life of the RoboRock. When the battery is low, the RoboRock automatically returns to the charging station and charges.

Exceptional suction power

In comparison to the predecessor model, the suction power has been increased to 2000 Pa. The tornado system co-ordinates the side and roller brushes and ensures a thorough cleaning of the floor. The intelligent vacuum cleaner robot has a carpet recognition function and adapts the suction power to the surface to be cleaned.

Protection against hair

The special design of the main brush, the side brushes and the wheel prevent hair from getting into the device to protect the engine and prevent overheating.

Even quieter operation and a powerful battery

The RoboRock S6 is 4 dB quieter than the predecessor S5 at 58 dB. It allows him to clean at any time of the day or night without disturbing him. The class E11 filter with a waterproof Teflon coating provides a 95% effective cleaning of the exhaust air. For maximum performance, the manufacturer recommends replacing the filter at least once a year. A powerful lithium battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh can work up to 2.5 hours, which corresponds to a cleaning of up to 250 m² of living space.

 Xiaomi 2019 RELEASE - May 16 XIAOMI RoboRock S6 

Clamber over thresholds

Able to handle 2cm tall steps, S6 climbs easily over thresholds and onto carpets as it moves from room to room. When it is cleaning a carpet, it even turns power up to maximum for a deeper clean.

Whisper quiet

Advanced sound suppression design means S6 is notonly 50% quieter than the S5. lt sounds better too.Turning the harshness of typical vacuum noise into asofter sound that doesn't intrude, even during late

Integrated cable tidy

Tuck away the charging dock cord andkeep your home sleek

Keeps going longer

Big spaces are no obstacle to S6. Using asupersized Lithium-lon battery, it canclean for up to 3-hours* non-stop.

Smarter is faster

Better routing means cleanup is up to 20% faster* .Using a powerful 32-bit quad-core processor alsofound in smartphones, S6 calculates the fastest andmost efficient route for cleaning each room.

Clean all of your floor

Precision laser scanning, proprietary mapping algorithms,and advanced SLAM navigation technologies (also found in self-driving cars and autonomous aircraft) combine to create an accurate map of your home. This map means every cleanup reaches every bit of floor.

Sweep and Mop Simultaneously

Give your floors a brighter shine with a quick snap-on mop. It makes S6 able to vacuum and mop at thesame time to give you cleaner floors. Re-usable and disposable mop pads are included for your convenience.

Selective Room Cleaning

S6 automatically recognizes rooms, so you can select a specific room for cleaning. You can also schedule cleans for a single room, multiple rooms, even your whole home.

Real-time route mapping

Keep a close eye on cleaning progress with real-time route mapping in the Mi Home app. See where S6 has been, the path it has taken, and where it has yet to go, This map also means you cannot lose it in your home. If for any reason it gets stuck, just go to that point on the map.

Easy maintanance

Keep S6 cleaning at 100% with easy maintenance. The updated main brush is now even easier toremove. The dustbin can be popped out and emptied in seconds too. Both the provided mop and the EPA filters are washable, so you can keep using them for longer.

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